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I have a female that's all i need....

Here is a conversation with "Eazy Ike" and the "Eager Breeder".

Eager Breeder: I'm thinking about dropping a "Bag" on a female pup and i am 1000% sure I'm about to change the game and bring some new blood to it.I know I'll make my money back.

Eazy Ike: Sooo.... you want to breed your female American Bully but you've never bred before and just wanna get started on the right foot. These are a few things that I've learned from experience and some I've been taught from seasoned breeders.

Eager Breeder: No disrespect but I've seen the price tag on some of these dogs and studs. I need to be in the game too many people want dogs and i can fill a void. Give me the game OG.

Eazy Ike: First thing everyone wanting to begin to become a breeder should do is plenty of homework. Read up on the breed you're considering and learn what it's gonna take to properly care for that particular breed. I found it extremely helpful to find a good mentor to go to for tips and guidance.

Eager Breeder: Man i need to get to the bag. Within a year if i spend "$$" on a decent female and have "XX" number of puppies i should clear $$$$.

Eazy Ike: (uncontrollable sigh) Second, understand that this is NOT a quick money or get rich quick thing. If u come in with that approach u will more than likely crash and burn. It takes dedication, patience and money to be a successful breeder.

Eager Breeder: You got my attention speak on it ....

Eazy Ike: Third You gotta love it. You gotta be in it for the dogs. The point of being a breeder should be to better the breed. Every breeder should be breeding to the written standard of said breed.( not all do but we all should ).

Eager Breeder: So i shouldn't do it or what ?

Eazy Ike: Learn what it takes to successfully breed a female and how to care for an expecting mother. How and when to breed her is very important. Do you have the knowledge and the proper space and accessories to care for a litter? This also takes time and money.... Vet visits, food, time off all adds up! So just to wrap things up, be sure to do research,earn as much as possible, find a good mentor to help you go the steps of preparation BEFORE diving head 1st into breeding. God Bless and good luck.

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