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It's Okay don't be Offended

I think we may have all heard it from time to time if you are like me and tend to take your bull everywhere ." Man that's a pretty pit" , "Is that a bully pit", "My cousin got pits", My personal favorite i just got asked in my Local tractor supply.... " You don't fight him do you? He's too pretty!". I'm sure at some point you have heard one of the infinite variations of people assuming what your dog is and what their temperament could possibly be. I ask all bully owners please don't be offended. If you want to be technical most true owners that want to keep the breed moving forward are older than the actual breed. So I tend to believe that either education or the old term " If it doesn't apply let it fly " comes to mind. A lot of people literally have no idea so please don't be abrasive when explaining our breed to the masses or simply let it go .Here in the USA we are fortunate enough to be able to have the breed. If we help spread knowledge of the breed most open minded people can take a good look after an explanation and tell .... OK this one is different. Me personally my bull has never met a person he didn't love so once I'm asked if he is safe to pet i tend to give the details while they are mesmerized by the dog itself. But please never get offended when someone refers to your dog as an APBT. Because to the untrained eye tangerines and oranges like alike until you put them next to eat other .... But to those whom love citris (dogs) they are both equally delicious .

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