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I Choose You......

Oh.... You just seen that puppy you want and you have a pocket full of money it is that easy isn't it? I pick a puppy pay for it and instantly You got yourself a bull. Not really....... I think I would be doing a disservice if i didn't let the masses know that every respectable breeder screens potential owners because they are entrusting you with an animal not only that they have produced but in most cases bottle fed, trained, socialized, and loved from the moment they took their first breathe. While their mother is a dog most of the time the caregiver has been a human that provided unconditional love to this animal with reluctance to part ways with this animal to even the most perfect owner. While dog breeding for some is a business it is also a percentage LEGACY. Yes believe it or not these animals are a part of that breeders legacy. So they would love for that animal to have a long great life and provide joy and happiness to the owner but they breeder needs to be assured the owner will do the same.... Be a good potential owner because we are watching and possibly .... I choose you.

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