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You Can't Keep Them All.... And that's Okay

YOU CAN’T keep them all be okay with that I’ve heard it multiple times but this was my chance to actually live it. Before I knew the details Of any type of dog breeding and whom owns what I knew I had wanted a dog from OBXBK. Specifically one from a stud that they had that I laid eyes on. Once I found out they had some pups just born I was excited. My house was in order ,I knew I could afford the dog , my schedule provided the time needed to have a dog everything was perfect...... 9 months ago I saw a picture of “male #2” and I said I pick that one . Let me send you the money . Then I got the news that the mom was an OBXBK dog and sire was another champion ! While that’s awesome and that dog was also awesome ..... I no longer was interested because it didn’t come from CH Majin Buu . That’s the dog I seen and I wanted one of His sons ...... fast forward I give you OBXBKs Cee-Lo AKA male #2 . Amazing dog that caught my eye immediately! Bigger , brindle , happy , pretty , and just an awesome dog . And I thought to myself I picked that dog and then backed out and said I will wait for a Buu son because I knew what I wanted gamble or not. Now that I have my dog I couldn’t be happier ..... but you know what I’ve heard ......” I SHOULD HAVE KEPT THAT DOG !” There will always be one that got away but the beauty is if the animal is alive ,thriving , and in a good environment everyone should be happy. As a new owner , and watching a ton of breeders I have heard the same statement multiple times ..... “I should have kept that dog !” . I’m sure it happens to everyone ...... I've even been told that about my dog OBXBK's Xolani "The Toy Soldier".

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